About Us

So glad you have taken the time to stop by! I was born and raised in Grants, New Mexico. My parents have been in the business for over 50+ years! In turn, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on the reservations as my parents were employing 100+ Silversmiths! I have fond memories of friends met at the Zuni, Laguna, Acoma additional reservations. Such a treat to receive little Acoma pottery animals as gifts and Elephant Toe bread coming fresh out of the outdoor adobe fire oven!

My love of the Native Americans, their talents, creativity and love of their culture continues to grow. My husband Bill and I continue to learn daily of Native American tribes throughout the US! Our adventures through New Mexico and Arizona in acquisition of jewelry, pottery, baskets, kachinas and artwork is exhilarating!

We are very proud to be able to share such beauty of the Native American Art and Culture with you!